Being A Well Kept Secret Won't Feed Your Bank Account

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"Nikki’s the real deal! She looked at my Instagram profile and gave me one simple tweak. I gained 100 new followers within hours of implementing her strategy!!!"

- Amelia Fortes, Self Love Coach

"I resisted posting to social media because I didn't want to appear inauthentic online. Nikki gave me a specific strategy that helped me overcome all of my obstacles.  I have seen a huge increase in engagement online and it's only taken a few tweaks!".

- Alecia St Germain, The Conscious Edge

Fact: No one can hire you if they can’t find YOU!

Right Now Someone Is Deciding
Whether or Not To Hire You
Based On How You're Showing Up Online.

95% of all industries are on social media RIGHT NOW!

That means that almost everyone looking for you is going to your social media platforms BEFORE going to your website to check you out!

Everyone knows that a website is static information and a foundation for your brand... but people want to know who YOU ARE! They want to know how you show up you match who you say you are...and can they TRUST you... and the most current information about you is on social media.

So, can you start to see how important having a visual brand identity is!

You can showcase the whole picture of your brand and who you are so that you can convey the ideal and RIGHT perception about you and your business to people looking for you.

I have great news for you!!!  I can help… and it’s easier than you might think!


Here's everything you'll get inside this incredible package!

1 Hr Brand Clarity & Online Brand Audit ($497)

- 1:on:1 Zoom Call with Nikki walk away crystal clear on what your brand means for YOU and the next steps you need to take to ensure your Visual Brand Identity makes you stand out as the "go to" expert in your industry!

Crush Your Social Media Kickoff Training ($197)

- Taken from my high level $1000 training program, get access to the recording, filled with dozens of actionable tips and strategies that you can implement immediately. Many of my students reported breakthroughs and results right on the call!

Lifetime Access to my Visual Brand Resource Portal and Trainings ($497)

- Get access to eight (8) of my most popular trainings, think of it like a complete resource library of everything you need to step out and claim your spot as the bad ass visual brand you are!

Total Value: $1191!

Yours Today - ONLY $297!Reg $997 - Take Advantage Now!

"There is not a day that goes by that someone does not comment on social media or in person with regard to our beautiful photos.  As a result, we have landed the cover of magazines, centerfold articles and more!!"

- Mark David Gibson, Retired U.S. Air Force Captain, Speaker & Author

All I can say is WOW, WOW,WOW!!! I just left you a vm to say these shots are fantastic! So excited for you. Seeing these gives me some great ideas for your website. We’ll talk more. Just wanted to say how awesome these shots are, and beautiful you look in all of them!

- Sherra Bell, Testimonial from her Branding Designer

Discover Your Visual Brand Superpower

Nowadays people are doing quick searches to get a sense of who you are

If all they see is boring generic and vanilla... versus someone who's polished, great energy, innovative, engaged and conveys professionalism... they're going to choose the person who conveys professionalism... regardless of their price!

Look at these two Instagram profiles, which one would one feels more confident and polished?

Which brand are you most drawn to?

Most people chose the one on the left, let's explore why...

The left actually is from a client of mine Julia and when she came to me she wanted to uplevel her brand, she wanted to attract clients who connected to her and would see the value in what she had to offer.

She was ready to raise her prices and so it was important to her that she look the part so it was key that there be more of flow between what people saw on social media and her website.

Here's why the one on the left works so well...

First, Julia does a mix in with inspirational quotes, and lifestyle images like her pink laptop and the phone booth bursting with beautiful flowers, her coffee mug, and the floral arrangement on her desk.

She has a clearly defined color palette that reflects her personal brand and if you visit her website there's continuity between her Instagram profile and her site. Overall her feed tells a well-crafted story that captures her ideal customer's attention immediately and draws them in.

The one on the right doesn't do any of these.

That's Why To Stand Out Online You Need A Visual Brand Superpower!

In just 1 hour, I'll walk you through a step by step formula to quickly and easily create a visual identity that will make you shine online!

Our time together starts with a pre session "Your Current Visual Brand Identity" questionnaire that I'll send before our virtual meeting.

This will allow me to enroll myself in your current brand and how you see the world and it's through this process I can help you uncover your Visual Brand Superpower so you can create a beautiful brand identity based on who you are by getting into your heart space and your brilliance and get familiar with who you want to work with.

Then I can really intentionally and customize everything specifically for you is one of my favorite things to do with my clients, I love it.

"Nikki Incandela has the gift to see beauty in other people just as much as they see it in themselves. Working with Nikki has always been a pleasure and she's always made the photo-taking process fun. If there's one thing you should know about Nikki it's that she's incredibly passionate about bringing the best out of people through her craft of photography"

- Joe Gilani

"Thanks to the talented Nikki Johnson-Incandela for capturing this moment of freedom and joy during a time when I wasn't feeling many of them!"

- Kiki Ong

So... What are you still waiting for?

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning to DM's (direct messages) of people inquiring how they can work with you. Let that sync in for a moment, no more chasing, drive-by posting and praying.

Get off the hamster wheel of spending hours trying to figure out how to show up online in a way that makes you stand out from the pack, connect with your ideal clients and actually have them start contacting YOU!

Everything you need to create a visual brand that's unique to you, one that not only expresses who you are, but excites the clients you love to work with, not just the one that can pay your rate, because just because someone can pay you doesn't mean they're right for you!

If you've ever had one nightmare client then you know exactly what I'm talking about!

Get the clients you want and deserve TODAY!!

1 Hr Brand Clarity & Online Brand Audit ($497)
Social Media Kickoff Training Replay ($197)
Lifetime Access to Resource Portal and Trainings ($497)
Total Value - $1,191

Yours Today - ONLY $297!Reg $997 - Take Advantage Now!

You'll be able to schedule your 1 Hr Brand Clarity & Online Brand Audit after you complete your purchase!!

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