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Make A Million Dollar Impression: Entrepreneurs' Essential Step-by-Step Makeup Guide to Creating An Effortless Look You’ll Love

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fade-leftfade-rightYour Million Dollar Brand Starts With A Million Dollar Look!

Hi I'm Nikki Incandela, Photographer and Visual Brand Specialist. I specialize in supporting high level entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and speakers to develop a dynamic visual presence.

One of the things my clients constantly tell me at the start of our work together is: "Nikki! I'm not really into wearing a lot of makeup!" To which I always respond, "Makeup is not about covering up or hiding who are, it's only an enhancer" 

Connection is KEY in having your images actually make money for you! Enhancing your features allows people to connect more intimately with you on film, from stage, in videos and at events.

When they connect with you, they buy from you.
Not to mention that I personally NEVER liked myself in photos until after I was trained in makeup and then the features I DID like popped and I wasn’t so focused on my insecurities. This created a newfound confidence that I then started to see blossom in my essence in my images.

What a GREAT feeling!!

In my new guide: Million Dollar Impression: Entrepreneurs' Essential Step-by-Step Makeup Guide to Creating An Effortless Look You’ll Love I will teach you my best makeup application tips and techniques learned from being trained myself, hiring & working with many professional makeup artists throughout the years AND photographing literally hundreds women and entrepreneurs.

You'll walk away feeling confidence knowing that you always look like your most photogenic self, fresh, radiant and younger. In other words, your most flawless essence!

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