Tutorial For Downloading Your Photos From Zenfolio!

Watch this brief online tutorial for downloading your images from Zenfolio. Reach out if you have any questions!

  • 1. Go to Zenfolio.com (using the clickable link provided in the email you received from Zenfolio)
  • 2. Enter your password provided in the email to access your gallery
  • 3. Watch the video tutorial & follow the steps
  • If you have any questions or need further assistance email at: nikki@nikkiicandela.com
  • Keep in mind that this tutorial is based on using the Google Chrome browser since we don't know that actual end platform you're using your results might vary
  • {This tutorial was created as a value add to support you with downloading your images}
  • Nikki Incandela Photography/Nikki Incandela/SoulShineInc cannot be held liable for final results and by using this tutorial you are doing so with the understanding that you are solely responsible for your final results

"I know the difference between photos and having an IMAGE and that my image is as important as my graphics."

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