Congratulations You Just Completed The Always Be On Brand 15 Day Challenge!

I'm so very proud of you! If you missed Day 14 click here to watch!!! Let's get started 🙂

nikkionthego-for-business-ipad-and-iphone-sm2Congratulations you made it! Give yourself a huge pat on the back 🙂 ! So knowing what you know now, how do you feel? Excited, clearer, perhaps wondering what's next?

The video series you've just completed is based on my Creative Intake process I take my high level private VIP Photo Branding clients through before their photo shoot.

As a matter of fact, during our session it's not uncommon for us to spend a couple of hours together. We go over everything from your wardrobe, location ideas for your photo shoot, the kind of foods you enjoy eating, to how you like to pamper yourself, your business goals... anything and everything that goes into creating a visual brand identity that reflects the truth of who you are.

If this process has inspired you to explore further Click here to schedule a 1:on:1 time to chat! I soooo look forward to speaking with you.

Now eBookCoversmbefore you go as promised I'm gifting you a copy of my newly released Photo Prep Guide 🙂 Yay!! I'm so excited to share this with you. In it you'll find tons of visual examples (all based on photo shoots I've done with current or former clients) to help you shine and not just on camera or before going on stage, but everyday!

In addition, I'm including for the first time a get ready for your photo shoot prep checklist. I designed this checklist to ensure you'll never go into a photo shoot or on stage and be caught off guard again.

You'll be ready address any last minute emergencies that pop up like repairing a broken bra strap, or eye redness, or remembering to keep on the go snacks in your bag so your energy level stays up for a long day.

For the ladies I've included a makeup and a style guide, all of this info is based on my years of expertise working in the fashion, style and beauty industries.

I've left nothing out and you're getting it all TODAY as a special THANK YOU for staying with me through this process.

It is my sincerest and most heartfelt desire that you've enjoyed this journey and that when you're ready to take the next step you'll think of me. So with that you can download your copy either by clicking here or the book cover!

Much love...



Client Testimonials!

Shanda Sumpter Shanda Sumpter,

"I saw just over 100K in new clients come the first month I used my new photos."

Nick Unsworth Nick Unsworth,

"I know the difference between photos and having an IMAGE and that my image is an important as my graphics."

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