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Hi I'm Nikki Incandela, Photographer and Visual Brand Specialist. I specialize in supporting high level entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and speakers to develop a dynamic visual presence. The one question my clients always ask at the start of our work together is: "Nikki! How can create a visual brand that expresses the essence of who I truly am?" I will answer this question and many more when you sign up TODAY to take my 15 Day Visual Brand Identity Challenge. Here's a sampling of what you'll learn:

  • Create clarity around your visual brand identity.
  • Discover why learning how to love your insecurities will empower your self image.
  • How to use your visual identity to attract BIG BOLD opportunities into your life.
  • Stop wasting time on marketing activities that don't bring in new clients and shift your focus on opportunities that deliver!
  • Uncover how the brands you're loyal to are the keys to your future brand identity
  • And much, much MORE!! ...including our bonus brand new Photo Prep Guide

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As an added bonus I'm sending you my brand new Photo Prep Guide that includes a checklist so that you look great for the camera and stage every time!